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JR2000 – Touch Tablet WiFi Time Clock

JR2000 – Touch Tablet WiFi Time Clock


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**Monthly Subscription Required**


The JR2000 features a biometric fingerprint scanner, RFID reader, and personal PIN punching right on the clock. Cloud connected via WiFi or LAN, the JR2000 will securely store your punches, even during temporary internet outages, and automatically the send data to the cloud once connectivity is restored.

  • Appeal to all punching preferences with multiple options in one clock,
    including finger scan, RFID or pin punching.
  • No connection? No problem! With offline mode uAttend captures every punch
    and syncs it to the system once the connection resumes.
  • Simplify the on-boarding process when you register and pair your employee’s
    finger scans right at the clock. No tricky templates to deal with.
  • Breeze through setup with the user-friendly touchscreen that offers useful
    menu options like department transfers and job tracking accessible
    right from the clock.
  • Monthly cloud subscription required with affordably priced plans starting at
    $22 a month for up to 9 employees. Plans include lifetime replacements,
    one-on-one training and unlimited customer support 5 days a week.
  • Smartphone App for Android or iPhone

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